The following is an example of a special HFH-housing for an underwater application:

Special bearinghousing to enable the adjustment of broad drums used in units for paper production.
These housings are designed to cater for a shaft diameter of 240,2 mm, with a total width of 600 mm, depth of 360 mm and height of 540 mm.

Bearinghousing pair:

Thrustbearing, view 1
Thrustbearing, view 2

Slewingbearing, assembled
( please click image for front view)
Slewingbearing, components
( please click image for full size)


Special bearinghousing RD 300 BF, manufactured to customer specifications.

Applicationt: Heavy industry
Technical data:
Middle height: 380 mm
Total height: 695 mm
Total width: 1060 mm
Borehole space: 900 mm

View 1
View 2






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